It’s been a while…

I’ve been meaning to come back to this blog for awhile now, since I started playing again at least, but with limited play time…I just haven’t gotten around to it. A lot has changed though. To start, my troll is no longer a troll…


Instead, she was transferred on over to WrA and became a worgen. So Khaixa the troll, became Kastlea Parrish the worgen.


She has a whole RP backstory that I need to write out yet, but she runs The Tattered Grimoire–a small guild made up solely of my alts and my best friend’s alts.


I am in love and I haven’t had this much fun playing in a long time. I haven’t completely abandoned the Horde side of things, but Kas is where my heart is in game. I definitely don’t have time lately to long drawn out posts, but I do plan on putting up my current stash of screenshots–as that’s a love that has never faded in game!

It’s officially time to say though, it’s great to be back. ❤


Draenor Surprises: Rylak

I had a lot of expectations/ideas going into WOD, mostly due to reading info coming in from people in Beta. But everything is different when you get to play it yourself. For example, Rylaks.

I wanted them so badly to be tameable in WoW as chimeras. They would be the one flying pet that I could magically tolerate and have headaches every time I ran around with one. They were one of my WOD dreams for the expansion. Let me have a tameable, preferably armored, hunter pet version of the mount.


Then I heard they were going to be a new pet family called Rylaks and they were going to flop around attempting to run after your hunter and not fly. My dreams were crushed. I’d pretty much crossed rylaks off of my tame-list.

Then Khai went out and tamed Aziza (means darling) and wow did we both fall in love. Not only is the model still beautiful, but the fighting animations are gorgeous and yet vicious at the same time. Rylaks also have an amazing little ability that has become Khai’s go-to-method-of-survival.

When in doubt and she pisses too many things off…run to the nearest cliff and…jump!


That Slow Fall is insanely handy! Of course, Khai also learned the hard way that she couldn’t be mounted when she jumped or it didn’t work. Nor is she fast enough apparently to ditch her mount and try again when falling off a cliff. Whoops. That was a painful lesson.

Do rylaks still fly once tamed? Pretty much, no. They run next to you, doing that odd flop thing…which oddly has become endearing. According to Khai, Aziza had a broken wing and can’t fly as well anymore. She can fly short distances and sometimes slow down a fall, but its easier to run madly beside Khai than constantly be flapping (and much nicer on me, no headaches!).




You can send them UP into the air to attack a flying target. And there have been a few occasions, though I can’t figure out what triggered it, where Aziza randomly flew alongside Khai while she ran around instead of hopping…



Burst of energy maybe? I dunno, but I wish I could figure it out. It makes for some pretty screenshots. Aziza has fast become one of Khai’s favorite pets and she’s one of the most versatile/useful. I couldn’t actually be happier about rylaks, and after my initial fears that they wouldn’t be tameable, and then that they were ‘ruined’ by being grounded…they are an amazing pet.

Aziza will be changing her look when Khai reaches 99 to Tura’aka, which is the armored versions of Aziza’s color.

So much to love in WOD

Can I just say again how much I love the new models? Well, at least the troll females (only one I’ve played heavily with yet). Khai looks amazing. I have no nitpicks. Not only that, but I love the armor detail and design of the WOD stuff. I have a feeling I’ll be transmogging to some of the Frostwolf stuff later because I just LOVE it.


It’s not even just the character models though…Draenor is beautiful. And the new pet models… -happy sigh- Though MAN do I want to take Khai back to Pandaria for screenshots with this model. I will say I started a Night Elf character, and while I’m enjoying the character model, she clashes sooo badly with the world around her.


Khai’s been questing mostly with the Frost Wolf Alpha she picked up. Skoll, for the first time since she tamed him, is actually sitting in the stable. Mainly because Draenor has some amazing new pet models (and well, I have a feeling Gara will replace Skoll when that time comes o.O).

However, Khai is recently running around with a raptor…something she hasn’t done since like level 13. But she went back to her roots and picked up a red raptor, reminiscent of the beast that helped her start her journey as a hunter.

kkk  kkkkk

(*Oddly enough, for as much as I was looking forward to Rylaks, the one I’m most interested in is only available at level 99 and I’m in no rush. I’m enjoying the journey right now. She’ll get her Rylak in time. For anyone curious, Khai’s rylak will be Tura’aka).

Darn these Frostwolves!

They’re tugging at my heartstrings something fierce.

So many beautiful wolves…dying. First there was Lokra’s wolf. I cried out when the spear hit Asha. I so didn’t expect it. Lokra, sure, the wolf? Why would you kill the wolf?! Then her Quest Text… -whimper-



Then there was Grimfrost Hill. Oh, my. I think I did most of that questline in shock and anger. And I wasn’t the only one. Khai went on an ogre slaughtering SPREE. She wiped out the whole place, waited for the respawn and then went back and did it again. The worst part was when they’d toss the dead bodies of the wolves at her and they’d…splatter. There were dead wolves everywhere and more being chained waiting for such a fate.

Then she was charged with slaying Guttra. She walked in to this gruesome site (and lucky me, I remembered to screenshot it). At first, neither of us really connected with what we saw… Just another dead wolf on the table?

Except when Guttra comes in…he’s eating the wolf. Khai killed him so fast and then stomped all over his body.




I think we were both relieved to leave the grim, frozen wasteland of wolf-killers behind us when we saw Gorgond.

Coming up over that ridge and seeing an end to the snow? Sweet bliss.


Return to Azeroth…or Draenor

Well, I took a rather long, unexpected hiatus from Azeroth and it seems I came back just in time to go to Draenor. I have to say I am loving it.

Khai journeyed into Draenor with her trusty Skoll by her side. There was no other pet she could have taken on a suicide mission. I do enjoy the fact that I can still use my cloud serpents even without flying (they’re less dizzying on the ground lol).


I think what I’m enjoying the most though are the new character models. WOW. I love Khai’s new look. She picked up a frostwolf already and gosh I love the new wolf model. So fluid next to her.





Sunday Screenshots: Exploring Pandaria

Em’s been exploring Pandaria a lot lately. Being boosted to 90 means she doesn’t have to quest through it, but I love the quest lines and scenery in this expansion. Joining in Mists means that pretty much once I hit Outland…I stop understanding what’s actually happening. The timeline from Outland up is a mess.

But Pandaria seems to pull itself out of the confusion and so I find myself happily questing through it again even though I don’t ‘have’ to.

WoWScrnShot_040914_222338 WoWScrnShot_040914_223933